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Our Affiliate Program is built to give you a simple, risk-free opportunity to earn real money by capitalizing on the rapidly growing CBD Market by referring our Premium White Wolf CBD Products to your friends, family, and followers!

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Our Affiliate Program starts at 15% of every sale, and goes up to 25% through our bonus program.  The more referrals you make, the more you earn per sale.  With a 180-Day cookie, and Recurring Lifetime Customer Commissions, you are sure to get recurring income through referring others to our Premium CBD Products!

As an Affiliate, similar to a “Refer-A-Friend” program, you will be able to create special tracking links to give to people.  For every sale you refer to our website, you earn a commission, or a percentage of those sales.

There is no investment to join, and your earning Potential is truly limitless with our program!

We are not a Networking Marketing, Direct Sales, or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company.


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Why Join The White Wolf Affiliate Program?

Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Commissions!  If you refer someone to our site, and they buy through your link, you’ll get the commission for that sale.  BUT, if they create an account after using your affiliate link, you’ll be awarded a commission for EVERY SALE that customer EVER MAKES!  If you refer 100 people over a few months who create accounts and buy every month, you’ll have solid monthly income!  None of our Competitors are doing this!

— Our Premium Broad Spectrum Hemp-derived CBD Products offer benefits that are absolutely storming the wellness industry.  Nearly anyone of any age can benefit from our Top-Quality Products.

— CBD is one of the quickest growing niches of the health and wellness industry.  Our products are already getting insanely good feedback!

— We will be teaching our affiliates through our Affiliate Bootcamp Program how to find, reach, and sell our products.  We succeed by helping our affiliates succeed.  When you win, we win.  It’s in our benefit to get you the best results possible.

— Our Affiliate Program will never cost you anything.  You’ll never pay to become an Affiliate, and the training & resources are free.

— We have one of the best Affiliate Programs for growing potential.  Affiliates start at 15% commissions, and after you show honesty, generate real sales, and quality leads, we will increase your commissions up to 25%.  That is the best for Premium CBD Brands that aren’t MLM.  We are here to help you succeed.

— We have a 180-Day tracking cookie.  This means, if someone clicks on your Affiliate Link, and then goes to our website and buys within 180 days, so long as they didn’t clear their Cookie Cache on their computer, you’ll get the commission!

— We use retarget marketing.  This means, if someone clicks your link and visits our website, they will see our ads on other websites.  If they click our ad and buy anything from our site after they’ve clicked your affiliate link, you’ll still get the commission on that sale, and every sale that customer makes for life!

— We are always working to have great deals and increase our website conversion rates.  We want to have the highest percentage of recurring sales as possible, meaning more of the people you send to WhiteWolfCBD.com will buy.

— We pay our Affiilates their due commissions twice a month, through PayPal or check (United States Only).  

— Every Affiliate has access to the Affiliate Dashboard, where you can see Affiilate Statistics, Graphs, Build Custom Affiliate Links, Affiliate Link Tracking, view Commissions, etc.

— With our brand new Affiliate Program, we will be creating and publishing high-converting Banner Ads, social media posts, email swipes, etc. for you to use right from the Affiliate Dashboard.  When you combine those with your affiliate link, you’ll get paid for every sale you make through any social engagement you get!  Easy, right?

— We can create custom affiliate discount links for our Influencer Affiliates, meaning that your audience will get an exclusive discount by clicking on YOUR Affiliate link, which of course pays you a commission on every sale they make for life!



How does the White Wolf CBD Affiliate Program work?

Simply enroll using the “Apply Now” button above, and when accepted, you’ll receive your affiliate link in an email and in your profile.  Share that link around the internet, and earn commissions!  Simple as that.  Just don’t spam…  And please read the rest of these FAQs.

Does it cost anything to join your Affiliate Program?

No, absolutely not.  There is no investment on your part to join our affiliate program and start earning commissions.

What is your ideal Affiliate, and what is your policy for accepting Affiliates?

Our ideal Affiliates are people who are want to join us in our mission to help educate and reinforce the healing benefits of CBD.  We want people who want to become a part of the Alpha Of CBD and share a positive experience to their friends, family, and audience.  Whether you are just wanting to make some extra money sharing our brand part-time, or are an influencer and want to make a full-time income, we want you as long as you follow our simple rules;

  1. Our Affiliates can NOT use direct PPC Ad Campaigns.
  2. Our Affiliates can NOT use our Trademarked name “White Wolf CBD” as a website, social media profile, or advertising name.
  3. Our Affiliates can NOT use a browser toolbar plugin to capture and redirect users to our site without the users direct consent and knowledge of being directed to our site.
  4. Our Affiliates can NOT Associate our Company with ANY THC-Related Products, Companies, Social Media Imagery, THC/Marijuana related Hashtags, or THC Related memes, posts, captions, comments, etc.

If you can follow those simple rules, and want to share the best CBD Brand as we launch, we want you, and your application and profile should be approved within a very short period.

How do I sign up for the White Wolf CBD Affiliate Program?

To sign up, you must be 18-years of age or older, and complete our Application form by using the “APPLY NOW” button above.  If you have any other further questions, please email our Affiliate team at Affiliates@WhiteWolfCBD.com.

Do you accept International Affiliates?

Currently, White Wolf CBD is open to being promoted on sites in the United States.  If your website and/or followers are primarily USA-based and your brand is one that fits our audience, we may accept international Affiliates.

If you are an international influencer, we will reach out to you and ask a few questions.  If you do not have a US Based Audience, you will not be accepted as an Affiliate.

If you have any other further questions, please email our Affiliate team at Affiliates@WhiteWolfCBD.com.

Do I need a website or blog to participate in the Affiliate Program?

It is not required that you have a website or blog, though it is highly recommended.  Even if you are a social media influencer, it is always best to have a platform such as a website to build an audience, promote your links in content, and build an email list.

When completing the Application, please use your full social media link if you do not have a website.

i.e. “https://Facebook.com/WhiteWolfCBD”

Do NOT use “Facebook.com”.  Please include your entire social media profile URL that you will be promoting from on the Application form.

Can I participate in a Competitor's Affiliate Program?

Yes, you are free to promote any brand and you are not required to exclusively promote White Wolf CBD.  No, you are not signing a contract or being committed to our Brand, though we do hope that we are your #1 brand regardless!

Some influencers and sponsored micro-influencers may be held to exclusive agreements.  Those are a case-by-case scenario, but by signing up here as an Affiliate, you are free to share as you wish without commitment or contract.

What are my responsibilities as an Affiliate?

As a White Wolf CBD Affiliate, your responsibilities are, first and foremost, respect our brand and be honest.  We want you to be a great ambassador of our Brand, and we stand for Loyalty, Honesty, Quality Education, and World-Class Service.

We want you to have fun, make some money, and spread the love and benefits of our Premium CBD.  You’re responsible for upholding the trust, authenticity, and quality of our brand.

Any signs of mistreating our Brand name, our customers, or misrepresenting us as a THC-Related company will lead to an immediate elimination of your Affiliate Profile.

How old do I have to be to become an Affiliate?

You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in our Affiliate Program.

How can I log in to see my Affiliate links, sales, build custom links, etc?

After you have completed the Affiliate Program Application and been approved, you will be able to log into the Affiliate Dashboard, where you will be able to see all of your Affiliate Statics, build custom links, see commission amounts, and much more!

All you will have to do is log into the website using the login button at the top of the page.  Click the Profile icon, which will take you to your user dashboard.  Click on Affiliate Dashboard, and that’s it!


Ready To Join Our
Affiliate Program?

After reading through this page, if you would like to benefit from this exploding industry and demand for high-quality CBD product by becoming a White Wolf CBD Affiliate, we would absolutely love to have you!  If you ever have any questions, we are here to help.  Just email us at Affiliates@WhiteWolfCBD.com