All New Reduced Prices And More!

New White Wolf CBD Prices

Why The Price Change?

First off, as we announce our new prices, we want to be transparent with explaining why such a drop in our pricing, and then we will tell you how you can truly benefit from the changes we are making here at White Wolf CBD.

To begin with, the CBD/Hemp Industry is fluctuating and shifting at an unprecedented rate.

According to Forbes, the CBD/Cannabis Industry will grow by over 49%, creating a $45 Billion industry.

With that amount of projected growth, you can imagine that there is a LOT of competition jumping into the market.  Some companies are raising their prices to secure their spot as the “Top Dogs” in the industry, while others are lowering their prices for market availability.

Here at White Wolf CBD, we have decided that even though our products are of the Highest Quality available on the market, we are actually lowering our prices, and here’s why…

Reasons We Are Lowering Our Prices:

  1. We want to offer the highest quality products at a price anyone can afford.
  2. We believe in our product, and people who need it shouldn’t have to invest $139 or more that other companies are charging.
  3. Changing lives is our priority, and we can help more by charging less.
  4. Our Supplier lowered their prices, so we lowered ours for you.

Getting relief shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Also, if we get a break on pricing, we share that with our customers.  We like win-win scenarios.

Because of these reasons, we have lowered our prices, as you can see on our Products Pages, to the following prices;

ALL 1000mg Products: $119 $87
ALL 500mg Products:
 $77 $67
ALL 300mg Products: 
$67 $57
ALL 150mg Products: 
$57 $47

You can see our new prices by choosing any item in our Shop Page, and select a potency to see the new prices.

Will Our Prices Be Changing Again Soon?

As of right now, we plan to sustain our newly reduced prices for quite some time.

With that in mind, as stated earlier, the market is fluctuating rapidly, and demand is growing exponentially for High Quality CBD Products.

For the foreseeable future, we wanted to benefit our customers by becoming extremely competitively priced for our quality of product, and will remain at this price to reach more people who need what we have.

The best part about this new price change?

If you have already received any discount links from us or a friend, those percentages will not change until the discount expires.  Some of will, so don’t miss out!

Take Advantage Of Our New Prices!

With these new prices, as just stated, non-expired coupons will maintain their current percentage discount.

Whether you have received a discount code for being a part of our Loyalty Program via our Newsletter Subscription, or from a friend, if it isn’t expired, you’ll save even more.

To sweeten the deal, if you sign up for our Loyalty Program between now and the end of January, 2020, you’ll receive a 20% Off Discount Link for LIFE!

We truly believe in our product, and have seen many lives changed because of them.  Being a part of the #WhiteWolfPack Family is more than just getting some great CBD…  It’s a family, where we all benefit together.

From us here at White Wolf CBD, we are truly thankful for you, and appreciate the amazing love and support.

Our goal is to serve our customers as best as we can, and by making this big move, we truly hope to meet more people and reach more people who truly need what we offer.

Thank you.

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